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Subject: British Red Cross Do Not Offer Coronavirus Tests 17/03/2020 13:57:20 [314861]


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British Red Cross Do Not Offer Coronavirus Tests

Following a number of calls to the office today with regards coverage on social media about criminals masquerading as being from the Red Cross and offering coronavirus tests. The Red Cross do not participate in this activity. Below is the official statement from the Red Cross.

'The Red Cross are aware of reports on social media of people claiming to be Red Cross volunteers and purporting to offer coronavirus tests, and have reported the matter to the police.

We would like to make it clear that the Red Cross is not conducting coronavirus tests in Northern Ireland or anywhere else in the UK.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the Red Cross, please ask to see identification and, of you have any concerns, contact the police.'

If you are approached or are aware of this activity going on in your area contact Police Scotland Tel 101 or 999 if you feel you are in danger.


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Mark Armstrong (NHWN, Community Support Officer, NW Scotland)

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