Hall is getting ready for the Christmas Lunch 2019
Things to buy from our Primary School Christmas Show
Christmas Deco at the centre
Set up for christmas & deco by Sally G
Job well done Boys, Sally is happy
Help, with any x-mas Deco you don’t need anymore.
First guests arriving, hi Billy
Mrs Claus’s Helpers, thank you.
Getting organised, Jingle bells, Jingle bells……
Right, plan of action as per Mrs Claus.
Live entertainment by our very own primary school carol singers. thank you.
Rudolph the red nose Rein….. deeeeeeer.
Great, we do enjoy a sing a long.
Mrs Claus and Wendy one of her little helpers.
A huge thank you for all the goodies and support TESCO Lockerbie provided to make this a successful Christmas lunch.

Merry Christmas
Lots of goodies, mmmmhh
thank you for all the hard work the Lunch Club team put into this fantastic Christmas meal.
Even Santa came along to present lots of Raffle prizes to everyone.
I am not sure, but I feel like standing in the woods – merry christmas
That’s the Christmas Spirit. See you all at the next Lunch club January 2020